Friday, December 17, 2010

The 5 Man Fun

So it is Friday which means it is time for the weekly Reader Post. The post where you send in your stories for the topic given. This week I asked you to send in your stories regarding the 5 mans in Cataclysm that you have been a part of. There was really no holding back and I really enjoyed reading them all. Sadly, I couldn't post everything that was sent in, but here are some of them.

I like heroics. I really do. There is a lot of fun to be had in doing a few heroic instances before a raid. I am all for making instances a little longer, but honestly, this is overkill. Things need to be toned down a touch, because there's no fun in bashing your head against a brick wall for five hours in nothing more than a heroic instance.

I was in Halls of Origination a tank with bane of the fallen king wipes on the first trash pull. The tank leaves. The other dps leave. Its just me and the healer, with 3 mobs mad at us. With some mage OP kiting skills i managed to 2 man the mobs it with the healer...then he left. Then 15 minutes for new people to join the group only to leave at the first boss after 5 wipes.

My pugs have been great all nice people motivated and ready to kick some ass. This all seems to end when the instance stops loading and we are looking at one another.

By far the best moment of this expansion was in Grim Batol when we were doing the drakes and a guildie of mine for some reason or another decided to "dismount" off his drake. He fell right down the pit in the centre where the drakes fly over and died. The thing was though he kept falling and falling and couldn't release. 10 minutes passed and he was still falling into the black abyss. We were all on vent laughing so hard at him. I thought about feeling sorry for him but then I realized he would have had to click to get off the drake.

I had a great time in heroic Deadmines. Mobs were CC'd no one stood in fire dps the adds, didn't stand by rotten food, made it through the lazer boss, and swung on the ropes to get away from the bombs better than anyone could have ever expected. Then I realized that I was day dreaming. I was actually in Deadmines for 5 hours had to full repair 3 times and not matter how many times I bashed my head into my keyboard it didn't make the pain go away. I would like it to be known there is hell in the World of Warcraft and it is Heroic Deadmines.

That is it for this week hope you enjoyed all the stories. As always if you want to get your submissions in for the Reader Post look for the topic every Sunday during Ask Gauss. Hope you all have a great weekend don't forget to get your Christmas gifts.

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  1. Nothing like waiting 40minutes to get into a group and it falls apart on the first trash pack.