Monday, December 20, 2010

The Worm

So I am willing to bet with just reading the title here most of you know exactly what I am talking about. Anyone who has quested in Deepholm knows of "The Worm". For those of you leveling and you were glad to be done with the quests which dealt with you dealing with "The Worm" well hate to to you this but you have a surprise waiting for you. You see Blizzard has this thing with dailies and I swear when they choose dailies they pick the quests that bothered you the most and want you to do them every single day. So if you want your Thearzane rep you will be making frequent trips to the cave of "The Worm" unless you just get rep by using the tabard, but who does that anyway?
I have seen countless people to die to this worm. I almost feel bad for them, but then it is not like it doesn't run in an unknown pattern. My problem is always I see the worm go by and I think for like 10 seconds if I have enough time to make it around without it getting me. Then, of course, when I decide "yes" it is too late and then the damn thing catches me. I swear Blizzard puts things like this in the game just to piss me off. It could be worse though I could have to get a Pristine Yeti Horn everyday.


  1. I have a feeling this worm may cause a school shooting

  2. I got eaten by the worm the first time, but I noticed he only takes you down to half health and then just stops doing damage to you. So... how do you die to it? (Honestly, the first time, I thought it was a game mechanic meant to transport me from point A to point B and was quite disappointed that it was NOT).

  3. I believe the Damage is based upon the point you enter the worm. At times I have seen it done as little as 20k damage and other times say an unlucky druid go around 4 times and kill him for 100k+