Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You Fail At The New Old World If...

So it is Tuesday, which of course means it is time for everyone's weekly dose of fail. Now for the past few weeks we were going after class specific fails, but no longer. Time for some classic Fail Day, and let's not make you wait any longer

You Fail At The New Old World If...
  • The only way you know how to get down from the top of Orgrimmar is to jump
  • You have this undying fascination with killing Gamon because he is level 85
  • You ask what happened to "insert place here"
  • You don't like the noise from Goblins dying
  • You complain about no portals being in Dalaran
  • You have fallen in the Great Divide more than once
  • When you asked how to get from northern to southern barrens and someone responded "jump" you believed them
  • You don't know why the Northrend loading screen looks as it does
  • You haven't noticed that your meta gem requirements are no longer filled
  • You don't know why the horde queues for LFD are so short
  • You created a Tauren pally with any name relation to "Holycow"
  • You make a daily habit of asking trade why you can't be a Goblin or Worgen yet
  • You don't know why Thrall and Cairne aren't there
  • You don't know what the "Council of Three Hammers" is

and finally

  • You are in the zone Deathwing sets a blaze die and don't get the achievement

That is it for this weeks taste of fail, hope you all enjoyed it. This is the last week of Wrath to do what you got to do because this time next week we all will be playing Cataclysm.


  1. Hey now I tried to jump across. I learned after the first time.

  2. "This is the last week of Wrath to do what you got to do because this time next week we all will be playing Cataclysm."

    You're sure about that? Sure that we'll be able to get on? Llane almost never has queues but I'm will to bet we'll have one next week.

    I did try to jump across too, in one spot, just to see if I could. Yes, the result was hilarious.

    One serious note, I was told by a couple people that being inside may not get you the "Stood In A Fire" achievement. As I was royally roasted outside Gadget, I can't verify that. Your screen still goes red but you might want to drop what you're doing and run outside just so you get the achievement.


  3. Hey now, I jumped across the divide and actually made it across...but i was wondering how the hell you were really supposed to get across /shrug i guess I'll never know!