Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Brave New Goblin World Order

This is a commercial which was created for the Cataclysm youtube commercial contest. It basically pokes fun at the entry storyline for the goblins for those of you that know it. Of course, it also has a goblin flare to it making all things in Azeroth profitable. Have a look

This is voiced by Jessie Cox a well known voice actor voice actor who has done tons of videos and always puts his own spin on things. The machinima is done by Phixor2000 the same guy who brought us the Never Stay tuned series. Anyone who has ever seen any of those knows how hilarious they are and if you haven't then you really need to watch them.

Watching this made me think about if I made a commercial for Cataclysm what would it be? Thinking about it I decided that it would have to be something to do with flying mounts in Azeroth and Tauren Pallies. How would it connect? Well that would be the fun about it wouldn't it?

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  1. I can see it now bunch of tauren pallies on flying mounts being cursed by the other taurens for being traitors LOL