Friday, November 12, 2010

Yep I Did That

It is Friday! Also a beautiful day outside hard to believe it is almost half way through November. We normally have snow by now, but I guess I shouldn't complain. Anyways, with Friday comes the Reader Post and this week I asked people to submit the craziest things they have done this expansion or the craziest things they have seen others do. So shall we?

Oh hell yes, I love polymorphing sheep. The other day I was riding on my mount through Loch Modan, saw a sheep, dismounted, chased after the little bugger, and polymorphed him. The numerous people watching the crazy lvl 40 sent me whispers about what I was doing, but it's like a compulsion--I have to. How can you not? It's like the Staples commercial about using the Easy Button to find the other Easy Button--sheeping a sheep should rip a hole in the fabric of spacetime. And yet I keep doing it!

Once upon a time, on a calm summer day. I was strolling through the icecrown citdal killing champions for my argent dailies. and there i saw a big red mark on my head, then suddenly some crazy ass manbearpig type of creature rushed towards me. as i watched helplessly while it devoured my horse, knowing that i will be next. I spoted the owner of the creature, "Redrun". as i watched my horse die, i frantically tried to change weapons, but once i had done it, it was too late. The creature had crawled on top of me. tearing every flesh and bone. once i had died, i went towards the light. but then a soft voice whispered to me, "Champion, you must conquer this evil that has defeated you today, for he is your greatest enemy, now is not your time, You must rise! Rid this land of its evil and take back your pride".

I successfully while crazy bored out of my mind swan all the way around Kalimdor. Took me about 3 hours still have no idea why I did it or what sparked it. Maybe I had too much to drink, but not quite sure.

My guild spelt "Please Die" with campfires before we pulled Arthas hoping for a kill. Sadly it didn't work and we scrapped the plan for future bosses.

I was a Level 1 Pally who successfully completed the "For The Horde" achievement with a Gauss raid. Never had I ever done something that crazy or insane and have it actually accomplished.

That is it for this week. If you want to be part of next week's or any week's check out Ask Gauss on Sundays for the the next weeks topic.

Enjoy your weekend!

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