Monday, November 1, 2010

We Are Under Attack!

That is right! Elemenatals are attacking Azeroth and it is none other than Cho'gall behind it. So there are a series of quests you can do to find out what is going on behind the Doomsday cult. It is rather interesting and quite amusing to be honest. I won't give it away so you will have to do them yourself. There isn't that much to do at the current moment and in turth it would probably take you about 15minutes to get them all done. The point is that it is the start of the pre-events. Meaning it will get more and more crazy and intense until the self proclaimed Aspect of Death releases himself upon the world.

To the people who hate these pre-events because they "ruin" what you are currently trying to do in the game. Besides me not caring about your opinion be happy that the elementals at least at this current moment in time are not owning the cities and causing unstoppable havoc like the zombie invasion was causing during the pre-Wrath events.

Overall it is a good start and I look forward to more including a crazy mass of elementals that makes it completely and utterly impossible to do anything of consequence.


  1. to little atm I want more!

  2. THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE CHO'GALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!