Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ask Gauss

Wow that weekend went pretty fast and now Sunday is upon us. As with every Sunday it is time for Ask Gauss the day of the week where I answer all the questions I have received throughout the week. If you don't know how to get your question answered just send it along to and maybe yours will be featured here. So what we have this week?

Your new favourite zone after The Shattering?

Well what I have been doing is trying to experience the zones as they should be. When I have been doing the quests I have been doing them in zone order as was intended. So as of now I have looked at some of the zones, but I have only experienced a few of them at the current moment. If I had to choose so far I would go with Azshara. The rocket ride, the trials, Kalec questline, and the minefield. I always liked Azshara for its eternal Autumn. It was always a very great zone for visuals and screenshots. Now it has been goblinafied, but it still has those scenic visuals it always had.

I am also looking forward to going and experiencing western plaguelands and doing the questline in Adorhal maybe I will have to change me mind then.

What new crazy achievement will you be working on?

Have you seen the new fishing ones that require you to catch every fish, fresh and salt water. This achievement makes "Well Read" look like cake. So I have made it a habit to catch a few fish in open water in every new zone i visit and, of course, check every pool in every zone I visit to make sure I have caught that type of fish. So maybe not hard, but quite time consuming.

How many times have you fallen in the great divide?

Honestly, I haven't.

That is it for this week. As always you can't get your question answered if you don't ask it. Next week's Reader Post is going to be about your stories upon you dying by accident or getting lost in this newly designed world of ours.


  1. I have fallen in there like 5 times already

  2. You haven't fallen? It's a running joke in SD as I have gone charging down a road I remember connecting and, ooops. Badlands last night. And I could see the scar coming up on my mini map but I still ran right off the edge.