Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ask Gauss

Sunday it is. The last day of the weekend. Guess I should say sorry for no post yesterday as I got mobbed with stories of me being seriously injured. When in truth I was running around like a crazy person and just didn't have the time to sit down, relax, and write something out. Anyways, who cares about that. Being Sunday means it is time for Ask Gauss, the day where I go through all the questions I have received throughout the week and pick a few of them to answer. So here goes.

What is your opinion of ZG being removed as a Raid Instance?

Let's face it. The only people who ran this either a)were trying to get a rare mount b)An achievement or c)The turtle polymorph. No one was running ZG because it was a worth while raid instance to do. This is the problem with old content. It will always be there but will never be what it once was. Asking Blizzard to update the content is also asking a lot as well. So with a zone with this much historical significance to Warcraft Lore I think changing it into a questing zone is a great idea on Blizzard's part. This way you have the chance to experience the zone and it doesn't get just used and abused. I also say this when I am still searching for my Tiger mount.

What event from The Shattering would you love to see as part of the Pre-Cataclysm Events?

First SPOILER ALERT!!!! Without a doubt in my mind if I only could choose one, the retaking of Thunder Bluff. An aerial assault of Zeppelins is unreal. I was in Thunder Bluff the other day standing beside Cairne and I looked up at the sky. I was just thinking about what Magatha must have been thinking when she looked into that very sky from the very point I was standing and seeing the Zeppelin assault.

Will your blog be running while you are leveling?

Is this a serious question?

That is it for this week. As always if you want to send me a question send it along to or click the link in the top right corner. This Friday's Reader Post is going to be about the fun you have been having with the Pre-Cataclysm events. Tell me everything because I want to hear about all the crazy things you have done.

Enjoy what remains of your weekend and keep those cultists out!

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