Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Warrior Beard

So have you ever wondered why warriors are so awesome? Well anyone who hasn't had the chance to read what a warrior beard is. Let me give you Snopptrogg's Introduction.

Warrior Beards have always been something that made our class stand out from other classes. While other classes may appear to also have Beards, we all know that theirs are pale imitations. Their Beards lack the thick luxuriousness of a true Warrior Beard, as well as true power that comes with a Warrior Beard. Some classes may appear to have beards, but they are not in fact true Beards.
The following has been taken from an extensive study that has been conducted since WoW was released.

He then goes on to explain what it is other classes actually have

  • Paladins grow wispy beards filled with sunshine and unicorn dust.
  • DK's grow scraggly beards with more patchiness than a 13 year old boy who is growing his first beard.
  • Hunters don't actually have beards, but on occasion do try and glue fur their pets have shed off onto their faces.
  • Mages have tried to grow true beards, because beards refuse to grow on someone wearing a dress.
  • Warlocks don't have beards. They simply forgot to wash their faces.
  • Druids don't have beards either. They have moss growing on their skin from all their time communing with nature and dancing in fields of flowers.
  • Rogues don't have beards because a true beard refuses to ever be rendered invisible. They could not hide the glory that is the beard even with all of the stealth abilities they possess.
  • Shamans tried to grow beards. This effort was for naught though as their beards were thin and they could only grow a soul patch.
  • Priests once tried to grow an epic beard, but upon realizing that their beards were filled with all the ferocity of a kitten getting a belly rub, they have decided it best to stop trying.

He then goes on to explain the facts about the warrior beard, the warrior beard vs facial hair, Manifestations of the warrior beard & the female warrior beard, the warrior beard in game, Meanings of other beards, and finally beard testimonials and stories.

This is really a great read that you will laugh and be amused by it. Click here to read the entire article and tell me what you think of it. And in doing so I must ask the question, do you have a warrior beard?


  1. That article was pure awesome. Especially all the ripping intp Pallys LOL

  2. Iccubus=Best Warrior Beard ever.