Thursday, November 4, 2010

Old Raids

Maybe this is just me and maybe it is not, but lets find out and see. Have you ever gone back and done old raids only to be disappointed in how easy they now are. I know that the level caps change and the game has changed as a whole, but still it is rather disappointing to me.

I remember when Molten Core was new and was difficult and I remember the pride my guild had in our first take down of Ragnaros. I even more so remember our sense of accomplishment when we were able to take him down before the sons spawned. We went in there the other day with probably 10 people and killed him in about 5 seconds.

We did BWL yesterday and Vael didn't even get the burn off on anyone. This guy used to be a guild killer you would pull it over and over trying to get the right amount of DPS to take him down. Not to mention the luck factor of healers being burn targets. Then the suppression room was a joke, the drakes shadowflames were never a factor and we didn't even bother to setup Chromagus correctly. Don't even ask me about Nefarion. I talked about Rag being a moment of pride, but Nef really gave us that sense of accomplishment. Turning in that head and parading around Orgrimmar was truly something, and something I will never forget. I think this video of our first kill says it all

Anyways I know content changes and things will become easier because of gear and level and all those other things. Doesn't mean it is not disappointing to how you can just roll through it. So every time I do an old instance I remember times like these that were my first and how far we have came since that day. Newer people to the game I guess don't understand how things were different and assume the boss was a cakewalk. I am different I remember the effort and how much everyone put forward to killing such bosses. Maybe that is why I get a little disappointed, because these newer people never had to or got to experience everything as I did. But who knows maybe it is just me.


  1. I really miss bosses that really made you react like that during a kill. I don't know if the culture itself has changed but I don't remember my guild ever reacting that way killing anything this expansion.

  2. I completely agree part of the reason I think the dates on achieves are so important

  3. OMG...It's NOT just you. SD exists because I missed being a part of those 40-raids and there was no way people were interested in going back and killed a fire elemental when there was this guy in Shadowmoon Valley telling you you weren't prepared to face him.

    My very first raid was UBRS and we had to spam Trade and General chat for someone with the key to open it. I think we paid someone 40g to open the door. I vowed then I'd have every key for anything needing a key. I still have my UBRS key.

    SD cut their raiding teeth on Ony. It took a 12-step quest chain that required us to live in Blackrock Mountain. One of the best scenes in the game was Ony showing up in the keep in Stormwind. Our web site has some screenshots of that event. "Whoa...a dragon!"

    I still get chills running into Ragnaros' Lair and when Nefarian, in dragon form, lands on his balcony. Nefarian is, hands down, in my opinion, the best looking dragon currently in the game. I'm reserving judgment until I see Daddy show up live. The colors, the form, his horns, his face. I compare Nefarian to Halion in Ruby Sanctum and think, "Nope, no comparison." Nefarian is better looking. They changed the faces of the dragons. They have almost a smirk to them. The malevolence is gone. I think that's why I like killing the world dragons, even if you don't have to worry about their poison AOE's anymore. They just have a look about them.

    I think there is a place for these vanilla instances, although I would like to see them scaled for level 80+. Can you imagine how hard the Twin Emps would be if they have 82 million HP each? Unless the group knows what they are doing, those two will stop you dead, from a whirl through AQ 40.

    I'm still looking for my T2 hunter gloves from BWL. Maybe they will drop when we run it later this month. I love to go into those old raids in my T2. I'm still OP but there is a feeling that I'm doing this as close as I can to what it was like.