Tuesday, November 9, 2010

You Fail At Being A Shaman If...

So Fail day is upon us! Yes it is Tuesday and I am continuing with my laughing, poking fun at, and of course insulting the very fabric of every class in WoW. This week I have moved on to the shaman so here goes.

You Fail At Being A Shaman If...
  • You use bloodlust during a ready check
  • You don't understand the reference of Jesus Walking
  • You rez in fire only to die again
  • You ever complain that the shoulders in your tier sets were not designed well
  • You use a staff
  • You have never seen the "FROSTSHOCK" video
  • You have race changed 30 times just to understand how your class works better
  • You don't have a two hander for those special Enhancement times
  • You argue about chain healing being difficult
  • You think the Draenei totems look good
  • Your Fire Elemental randomly decides to take breaks and not attack anything
  • You don't know the joy of thunderfucking someone
  • You don't have an eternal hatred for Paladins
  • Your earth shield often appears on a mage

and finally

  • You have ever been unable to rez because you didn't have an Ankh

That is it for this week. Hope I gave you enough ammo to use on all the Shamans you know. The number of Free Loot Tuesdays are running out. Be sure to enjoy them!


  1. I just rez and cast FROSTSHOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. those were the days. "why can't you rez?" "I am out of Ankhs..."

  3. I admit to the top one, I have poped bloodlust right before we pulled Mimiron.. (opps)