Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A New Age Has Begun

So it is done, the World of Warcraft as we know it has changed forever. I decided to go through a little bit of what I experienced yesterday. I logged off in Mulgore so I could log back on and see Gauss' homeland and how it had been changed first hand. I was at the bottom of the lift and took them back up to see the new High Chieftan. When standing in front of Baine he did look quite menacing with Fearbreaker in hand ready to mash anyone who decided to cross his path. I couldn't help but notice how young of a Tauren Baine actually looks. This bull has some large shoes to fill, but I will defend him as I defended his father. I bid him farewell and headed to the Great Gate.

The gate was quite something to see as I was approaching it riding by Bloodhoof Village. There is no free borders between zones was my first thought when standing on top of the gate. From there I jumped down off the gate and took a tour of the Southern Barrens when I see these two massive fortresses directly across from one another. Now this got me thinking, how does one side let the other build a massive fortress right across from them. Does this make any sense at all? I am going to eventually do all these quests to find out the story behind it all, but someone better have a good explanation.
I went to Azshara next and saw the land of the Goblins. Where they resculpted the land to look like the Horde symbol. Talk about being focused towards a goal. I road the rocket the entire way and got myself the fancy achievement for it. I then headed to the port city where our friend Kalec had some quests for me to help find a missing dragon. I also found it funny that they changed all these things in the game and yet Kalec still has his Sunwell voice overs. Through all this fun I completed the questline, road a turtle, and saved Azuregos. I recommend this quest line it really is quite amusing.

After this I went to what has become waht can only be described as epic. Everyone who has ever played this game always said that Orgrimmar did not feel like a true warrior city. Well Orgrimmar is that and more now. Upon entering the gates it really gives the feeling that this is the capital and no one just simply just walks in here.
The acting warchief with Gorehowl in hand
One of the walls in Grommash Hold
This is actually something people might not pick out it is a map of the world made with hides. Nice touch in my opinion.
As many of you know I have always had a place in Orgrimmar where I would sit and relax and stay away from people walking around. Somewhere I could sit there and actually talk without being interrupted. Sadly with the city being rebuilt my roof top is no longer there. So I went and searched for a new place. Of course, it would be in "Tauren Town" otherwise known as the Valley of Wisdom.
Taken from the top of the city by the flight master

My new spot by the waterfall.

Sure there were other things that I did but that about covers most of it. Hope you enjoy this new age as much as I have so far.


  1. Nice Screenshots. I also really enjoy the new Orgrimmar even if I am getting lost in it.

  2. I find the new Orgrimmar is the best of both worlds. Has the warrior city you talked about in the valley of strength and and honor but in valley of wisdom and spirits and the slums has the actual city and community feel. Well done I must say.

  3. Ditto. The new Orgrimmar is the best. I am loving it all over again.

  4. What is the name of this questline you speak of?

  5. Azshara Blues is the first quest in the line requires you to meet with Kalec in the slums in Bilgewater Harbor.