Tuesday, November 23, 2010

You Fail At Being A Warrior If...

So it is Fail Day, everyone's favourite day of the week. The day we get to poke fun at others for all of the special things that they do. For the last little bit on fail day I have been going over the classes and letting the WoW world how you fail at playing that class. Well today it is special to my heart because today it is the Warrior. Yes I got a lot of mails asking if I was ever going to do the warrior since it is, of course, the class I play. Nothing is safe though and nothing is sacred, although I do find it amusing that "The Shattering" is happening when I chose to do this particular fail. And so it begins!

You Fail At Being A Warrior If...
  • You don't have a shield
  • You get feared
  • You learned Berzerker Stance before you learned Defensive
  • Your toon does not have a warrior beard
  • You try to do anything of consequence without a healer
  • You think Thunderclap does Spell Damage
  • Taunt is in your tanking rotation
  • You are unfamiliar with the warrior aggro dump known as "death"
  • You don't insult a ret paladin at least once a day
  • You don't expect to get a nerf every single patch
  • You don't remember the joy and pleasure of what used to be known as a "fear bomb"
  • You think single minded fury is a cool and interesting talent
  • You taunt off of idiots that don't manage their aggro
  • Regardless of how many legendaries have been usable by warriors you don't complain about not getting another one every single time a non warrior legendary comes out.

and finally

  • You race change your warrior to a Blood Elf

That is it for this week and in fact is the end of the fail series in regards to the classes. I know a sad day indeed, but never fear there will always be something that people will fail at. Enjoy the new old world, or should I say good luck logging on?


  1. If you like Single minded fury might as well roll a rogue imo

  2. I never taunt off of idiots if they don't learn their lesson they will never learn

  3. Some of the warriors you have had in guild Gauss have done so many of these things..makes me giggle thinking about it. They certainly made raiding much more interesting.