Friday, November 26, 2010

Favourite Part Of Wrath

So it is Friday, which means it is time for the week's Reader Post. This week I asked for submissions about everyone's favourite part of Wrath of the Lich King. I thought this was a great choice for a topic since Tuesday really marked the official end of all that was before. Shall we take a look at what people said?

My submittal for "favorite part of Wrath" has been defending your "For the Horde" runs and, occasionally, stopping you. I don't like PvP because I'm not very good at it and I've never found the battlegrounds to be "equal" in any sense of the word. But trying to stop and then antagonize the weekend runs became something I looked forward to. I only wish I could have had more support. The cat and mouse strategies we could have devised, the intrigue, the spies, the conversations, would have been stupendous. I think that's the one thing I have enjoyed above all the places I've gone in Northrend. Second is trying to clear Ulduar. Arthas is a pansy compared to Yogg-Saron.

The quests in Dragonblight, particularly the chain leading to the achievement "Veteran of Wrathgate". OMG. Huge game changer for lore fans. I was left speechless.

My favorite part of Wrath of the Lich King is anything having to do with Death Knights. I love Ebon Hold and all of the Death Knight beginning quests and my ghoul and Desecration and and and... Well, I could go on about it forever.

I really like how Northrend quests played out in general, where each zone seemed to have a huge arcing questline, each hub had one or two smaller ones of their own, and then the random other quests here and there. It made the whole thing feel connected.

Seeing Yogg-Saron's room for the first time and my first attempt on him, then after we wiped and ran back just that moment at the loading screen where you hear Yogg-Saron say "Your will is no longer your own." Was totally epic it made me shiver.

Watching the Lich King kill us all and begin to turn us into scourge. Then the epic moment of RISE UP CHAMPIONS OF THE LIGHT!!! I was never so pumped about anything in a game as I was at that moment.

Mine was getting T7 on my lock before badges ruined everything. Even though a few pieces of it were available for badge purchase the heroic grind was slow due to people not being decked out in free epics, plus a bunch of people were buying a mammoth instead of gear, so everyone wasn't running around like an idiot in welfare epics. I actually had a little sense of accomplishment when I completed my set.

Dancing with heigen again. When yogg sealed my fate and all of the inhabitants of this miserable little seedling. Uulwi Ifis halahs gag ehr'ongg w'shh. Eating big bangs as a spriest. Doing the quel delar quest chain on the PTR because im not giving up 10k for that sword no matter how cool it is. Racing for server firsts in t7content. Touching myself to alexstrasza vareesa brann muradin and valeria WAIT WAT. Helping mimiron put out fires and test his creations. Killing people on my DK with PoF before anub. Finally getting into dalaran. The characters that were brought back. Falric Marwyn Terenas Rhonin The aspects Malygos Garona Varian Bolvar Onyxia anything in the yogg visions. The spoiler at the bronze dragon shrine. Having my magic betray me, having a bite to eat with Lanathel, finally hearing some good news from a professor. The setbacks and the mountains. Goin after Illidan with my hoody and prison shank as Arthas as if i was goin to rob walmart. Putress and his bros. Starting a hero class in a heroic way.

So that is it for this week. As always if you want to submit your entry to the Reader Post email it to me at To get the weekly topic read the post every Sunday during Ask Gauss to find out what it will be.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. That last one was the definition of epic LMAO

  2. Watching Karmic leave guild and then the server was the best Wrath moment eva

  3. "Having my magic betray me, having a bite to eat with Lanathel, finally hearing some good news from a professor"

    That is the single greatest thing ever written

  4. meeting my future husband. rooftop of org (:

  5. There are a few moments that I have enjoyed immeasurably. Light of Dawn Title & Achieve, 100 Mount Achieve & playing side by side with the new hubby even if he doesn't have time to hard core raid. He allows me to do so, for now.