Thursday, November 25, 2010

Not My Turkey Day Part II

So last year I made a post complaining about how on American holidays the world comes to an end. That not only do you use the one day that you make an entire event about the whole thing. I concluded this is why you have holidays on Thursday so you can take the Friday off, but then you need the Wednesday off to travel. I also went on the complain how this makes raiding during this entire week impossible because all the Americans cannot be there on a variety of days. With this being the end of Wrath there is no raiding going on. So sadly I cannot complain about that.

I went on to complain about football and a bunch of other things and it was mainly just a crazy rant where I just said whatever came into my head, kinda like now, and people loved it. Once again today is not my turkey day, because Canadians celebrate and do things when they make sense. We don't give out Valentines day chocolates in July and our biggest sales of the year are on Boxing Day not the day after Thanksgiving known to you all as "Black Friday". Why is it called Black Friday anyway? Is it because you will give that guy a black eye if he takes your spot in line? Honestly, I don't know why it is called Black Friday so feel free to explain it to me.

Also I cannot get over the fact that someone had this brilliant idea to deep fry a turkey. This would be like someone in WoW deciding that shaman can tank because he uses a shield. I guess it made sense to someone.

So let's relate this rant to WoW somehow. I'd complain about Pilgrim's Bounty not being in October. but that would be to easy. I guess I could say something about random queues being to long because of less people, but that would be dumb since the only people going into randoms are getting rep for the goblin mount. That makes me think how long are Alliance random queues at the moment?

Sadly though with it being an end to an expansion there really is nothing to complain about. I know the world is coming to an end. Ok so that wasn't funny. Mostly because a lot of you won't get it. Anyways, Happy American Thanksgiving, may you eat so much that I will have to hear about it for days upon days. I guess I am thankful for something on your Thanksgiving, thankful that I have nothing to complain about.


  1. I never actually never deepfried my turkey or had it, but I know you were just messing around.

  2. I don't know if I should be insulted

  3. its called black friday because it puts the sales "in the black" which is good we shoud do over 890,000.00$ this year in my store which is realy good. deep fried turkey is a new thing and im not so big on the idea either but some ppl like it.

  4. If I'm queuing, it's because we have a guild group going so the queue is simply "what instance will we get". I'm told Alliance queues are long so those people still queuing in SD are those with alts that need gear. We try to run the 5-mans for those people so they don't have to sit and I don't have to listen to "OMG! It's 35 minutes for a random?!?!"