Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You Fail At Being A Rogue If...

So today is the patch day that really isn't a patch day because the stuff download for the patch hasn't been patched into the game. I stand by how awesome that sentence is. Anyways, today is Tuesday, which besides being Free Loot Tuesday is FAIL DAY. Everyone loves fail day because it makes them feel better because of others misfortune. For the last little bit if you have been paying attention has been about specific classes. This week I will do the rogue everyone's favourite class to hate and bitch about. Oh how fun this is going to be.

You Fail At Being A Rogue If...
  • You have to send your lockboxes to another rogue
  • Your ability to disarm traps corresponds to half the raid wiping to a trash pack
  • You attempt to mutilate without two daggers
  • You have ever dual wielded Maces
  • You are bad at PvP
  • You have ever died from falling
  • You have shadowstepped off a cliff
  • Your ability to distract mobs is unparalleled by your ability to distract the raid after your death
  • You have never ninja something
  • You require a key
  • You have no idea what the use for sap is
  • Your toon's name has the word "Sneaky", "Stab", "Stun", or "Shank" in it
  • You walk mindlessly unstealthed into mobs
  • You have never wanted the Chromatically Tempered Sword
  • You press more than 3 buttons

and finally

  • You have never pointless killed a lowbie for hours just because you could

That is it for this week. Hope this gave you all the ammo to mess with all the rogue types you know. If you still participate in Free Loot Tuesday good luck. If not then enjoy the patch that isn't really a patch because they haven't released the content of the patch.


  1. i hate people that put their classinto their name it makes me /faceplam

  2. I love that sword one of the best looking one handers ever