Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So with Phase 4 of the elemental invasion in full swing things are really starting to get ramped up. And I am not talking about the people saying "INVITE", "WHENS THE INVASION HAPPENING", "REALLY AGAIN I AM TRYING TO QUEST", "WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO", "IS THERE A RAID", "CAN I JOIN THE RAID", "DO I HAVE TO ASK AGAIN, CAN SOMEONE INVITE ME PLZ!!!". It is really quite the intense battle going on and I enjoy how they have put it all together. Not to mention making old what is new again. Didn't I say that last week how interesting that would be? I really enjoy fighting beside our leaders. Even if Garrosh should have Gorehowl and Cairne should have the Bloodhoof Runespear. I still enjoy fighting beside the two of them.

I am extremely interested on where we go from here. The events leading up towards the Shattering are already in place, meaning the patch. Just a question of when. This will be the opportunity to see what events from the book they will be putting in. Orgrimmar on fire already one of them, although would have been really interesting why they would have rebuilt it without that happening. This is always and exciting time because it is not about raiding or about PvP it is the time where Blizzard takes care of the story and where it is going. I have not really been disappointed yet so let's hope they keep it going and we can participate in more of the action.


  1. Always gotta love trade chat

  2. I'm getting irritated with Deathwing and his earthquakes. I'm trying to clean out the guild bank and I can't because the screen is shaking. And then, these elementals have the audacity to show up just as I need to use the bankers.

    Honestly, have some more consideration. Never mind how many times we've killed your kids.


  3. I was getting fed up with the Bankers/Auctioneers running away. So I moved my Bank Alt to Exodar.