Friday, November 19, 2010

What Have You Been Doing

So it is Friday, which means it is time for the weekly Reader Post. The post where you the readers write it. How you ask, for all you new people. Well you send in your submissions and I throw them out for everyone to read, well some of them. This week I asked for submissions about what you are doing with the Pre-Cataclysm events. So let's take a look shall we.

On my realm we have created refugee camps outside of Stormwind to help those in need with those elementals and earthquakes happening. I obviously play on a Roleplaying realm and it has been a lot of fun. We also have a group of Pallys and Priests who have been defending the Cathedral at all costs from the elementals.

I cannot get enough of the searching civilian quests outside Orgrimmar. Whoever thought of that quest deserves all that is awesome in this world. Is it weird though that I have done it on 10 different toons and each time I am only searching the women?

The best thing ever! Every time someone asks for a useless invite in trade, during the invasion in the the cities I invite them. The funny thing is, it is only me and them in the group. I make fun of them, then I kick them out of the group. Then I invite the next person asking for the invite and the cycle goes on and on. I thought you would enjoy my joy in the pain of others.

Every time I enter a zone I yell "OMG IT'S DEATHWING get here now to get your feat of strength". I then get like 30 tells asking me where and they head there and it makes me laugh every time. Oh how people are such idiots.

I have been writing the epic story to end the life of my human hunter. He will be sadly dying in the event where Deathwing destroys the park in Stormwind. He will fight valiantly but will fall when coming face to face with the Aspect of Death. I have always struggled with wanting to race change and this gives me the way to do so. And with changing to Worgen I can make it as if he has been locked behind the wall this whole time. Perfect for RP standards.

That is it for this week. As always look for the week's submission topic during Ask Gauss on Sundays and send the submissions to by Thursday night. Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to defend your capitals, laugh at people asking for an invite, and of course give it to the people complaining they can't do their auctions and banking.

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  1. I have so been wanting to do that Deathwing is coming thing to guildies. I just don't think anyone is stupid enough to fall for it.