Friday, November 5, 2010

The Hidden Gems

TGIF everyone. Being Friday means it is time for the Reader Post. The day of the week where all of you "the readers" contribute and create the post out of the given topic for the day. This week I asked people to submit the "hidden" things in WoW that not many people know about. So pay attention and look at the list of things you will be doing this weekend.

In the top floor of the Dalaran Tailoring shop there is a gnome. I know I know there are gnomes everywhere, but if you sit on this guys chair he will ask you if you would like a shoe shine. Of course you don't get to say yes or no he just does it. You then get a buff stating that your shoes have been shined. I always thought it was pretty cool.

When you die and are standing by the Spirit Healer, if you listen very carefully she is saying "Play World of Warcraft.." "Give us your money..." "Just another customer..."
Dont believe me, have something kill you and just stand by her

I'm guessing you've visited the lighthouse up in Quel'thalas? It's a nice place to set up camp or organize meetings. A little closer to home Alliance wise, I never knew Cut Throat Alley in Stormwind existed until I chased a hordie into there. Again, it's a pleasant spot despite the name and a great place to sit in peace and still get Trade chat in the background if you're looking for groups.

In LBRS, in the main lava pit (after you fall from being stupid). The particles in the lava (the little white things) are little smiley faces. No bs.

Look at the Torches IN RFD from a angle looking up and tell me what you find. One of the dev's musta had a field day on that one.

Theres a little hut in Nagrand east of Elemental Plateu, inside this hut there is a baby of ever race... yes little baby cows~!

At the border of Duskwood and Deadwind pass, at the forsaken tower, you can go north through a path and end up at a waterfall with some graves. No idea what the signifgance behind it is, but interesting to see it when I found it out of nowhere.

You have the "Shrine of the Fallen Warrior" in the barrens. Memorial for a Michel Koiter that died during the development, He is also tributed in Starcraft 2.

That is it for this week. As always if you would like to contribute to the Reader Post check out the topic on Sunday during Ask Gauss and then send in your submission. Have fun checking these things out and enjoy your weekend!


  1. The spirit healer actually says that? That is pretty creepy and pretty wrong lol

  2. cool stuff to see things I have never seen

  3. Nagrand is one of my favorite places and I never knew about the hut with baby cows. I'll have to check that out now.

  4. im suprised nobody talked about the forging of the rezoud crystal for the ashbringer in hilsbrad in the old hillsbrad dungeon. young kel thuzad and tirions son with a replica tirion mace are also there next time your in cot take a stroll to southshore and watch and enjoy/.