Saturday, November 27, 2010


I will admit I was a little pissed off when I found out I would have to do Loremaster all over again. Well not really do it all over again, I still had the title and the Loremaster achieves themselves. What I didn't have was the zone quest achieves. These, of course, were not there before and were just added in. I am an achievement whore, as most of you know and if you didn't well you know now don't you. I really wasn't looking forward to going through all the old zones and doing a lot of the same quests over again. Yes I was excited for zones like Azshara because well that was going to be completely new and new is good. The thing is Blizzard just didn't change the levels of quests the quests themselves are new. The zones have not only have had levels adjusted but there are completely new quests in them. Sure some of them may be kill this thing even if that thing maybe located somewhere different.

So what I have realized is that I wont be redoing all the same quests but I will be doing all new quests in old zones, but really the zones have been completely redone. One thing I have liked a lot so far is how they have changed the old zones questing experience to be like the Northrend one. Every zone has a theme and a story and a conclusion within itself. This makes you want to complete all the quests in the zone to know "how it ends". So you don't just up and leave the zone after you have got that level or completed that one quest you needed. This, of course, promotes the lore of the game, which I am a great fan of.

Have fun questing or whatever else you are doing to hold yourselves over.


  1. completely agree I am loving the new quests

  2. I agree. I was rather irritated to open up that achievement window and see "Redridge 40 quests" and only 3 of them counted from prior to the patch. Some have 0 in the tally. I've come around, however. It's been great wandering around questing because it's a great way to see the zone in its entirety. The flash of an achievement is just icing on the cake.

    It's been quite interesting to hop on an alt and open up her quest log only to see nothing. All those quests I had were gone. It reminds me that it's not just an expansion but a whole new game.

    Questing also provokes gales of laughter in the guild as I go charging down a road I've been on dozens of times before and run right off the edge of a Deathwing created cliff. "Um...that wasn't here before." I'll say that the "Death by falling" category under Statistics has grown a bit.


  3. I'm a lore hound, and, like you, am loving this expansion. As you said, each zone having it's own story, that often adds to a greater whole, is fantastic. Very glad to see this.

    Being a druid and having recently been in Northrend, I'm itching for Flight Form to be available. These darn obstacles are rather annoying. On the other paw, though, seeing the zones at ground level is worth it. The art really sticks out.