Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You Fail At Crowd Control If...

So it is Tuesday, which means it is everyone's favourite day of the week because it is Fail Day. Fail Day the day of the week where we make ourselves feel better because of someone else's short comings, or the day of the week where your short comings are made fun of. Either way you cannot help but laugh. So let's have a real Cataclysm Fail Day.

You Fail At Crowd Control If...
  • You didn't know CC stood for Crowd Control
  • Your ability to hit your Howling Blast is proportional to how many mobs are currently Crowd Controlled
  • Your polymorph is actually a sheep
  • You believe Bladestorm is a form of CC
  • You fear mobs into more trash
  • You are so busy complaining that you can only Hex someone into a frog that you forget to renew it
  • You frost trap a mob only to multishot it and free it
  • You have ever said "I don't have a CC I am ret nub"
  • The amount of times you distract corresponds to your number of deaths
  • Your ability to identify the difference between a moon and a box is non existent
  • You believe seducing mobs is the devils work and you refuse to do it
  • You yell at the rogue for not sapping the ghoul that wiped the group
  • You had no clue that banish could be broken
  • You say you will root a caster add

and finally

  • You thought you were supposed to keep attacking that mob that was kept getting resheeped every time you hit it.

That is it for this edition of Fail Day. Hope you all enjoyed it and maybe learned something. Raid resets are upon us. Kick so ass and collect some pretty purples.


  1. LOL at Devil's Work

  2. got to love those people who mindlessly attack things and wonder what they did wrogn when they are yelled at