Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Heroic Fixes

So if you haven't seen they updated the patch notes. There is a lot of other fixes, but mostly there are heroic changes. Many people are complaining because they seem to be nerfing them. Others are rejoicing because they seem to be nerfing them. I am going to tell you they aren't really nerfing them. They are making it capable to be done in a random more effectively. The Baron Ashbury fix, for example, I believe this has to do with the problem of interrupts. When a random forms the odds of getting 2 interrupts, which are going to be able to interrupt everything that was needed is actually quite rare. So it isn't a fluke that many pugs upon getting Shadowfang Keep would be unable to actually kill the first boss without it being insanely difficult.

So just like SFK a lot of the other instances have been tuned to be more random friendly. Also many of the ways of exploiting bosses to make them easier has been patched in to make it not possible. When you actually read the fixes they actually make sense. Now if you go in there with a built group they will, of course, be easier, but then if you go in with a built group they should be easier anyway.

So really I am for these changes because they really will tune encounters to make them less about luck for randoms, which means I will get less people complaining that randoms are insanely hard. And to me less complain mail is a good thing.


  1. I really didn't think about it from that way. Built groups are always easier because you have everything that is needed. CC, interupts and all those things. In a random you could just have a healer and a tank and not goign to for sure have anything else.

  2. Maybe this will make pugs worth the 45minutes to actually get in and won't be dead after one trash pull