Friday, January 14, 2011

Replying To Beggars

So I was asked last week on Ask Gauss "what is the question I hate answering?" Well I answered that I hate been asked about giving people gold, because I am running out of interesting ways to reply to these beggars. This is when I thought I would make it the Reader Post and see if not only could I get more ideas, but then I could get some good laughs in the process. So here goes.

If some random person asks me for gold I say "Sure". The only thing is I tell them they must complete a series of tasks beforehand. I treat it like a quest only that I make them buy or get things that are worth more than the amount they asked for. Oh how funny I find it when they return with said materials and I inform them they are worth more than the amount they actually wanted.

I always say "of course but only if you help me summon my friend". Then I invite a random guildie to the group and proceed to open a portal to Silvermoon as I am a mage and not a warlock. Then say "Ok please click to help summon". A couple times they have been that stupid to click on the portal and send themselves to Silvermoon. Idiots always good for a laugh.

I simply reply "yes, I'd be happy to give you some free gold, you can have as much as you want, the only problem is, I don't trust banks, so I've hidden all my gold by giving it to all the monsters outside, all you have to do is to kill them for it"

I have a mod called "Automatic Goblin Therapist" it works wonders and makes me laugh while reading the replies.

I say all you have to do is bring me the rarest of rares the "Breath of Life". When they ask how to get said item I tell them this.All you need to do, is go outside Orgrimmar, and go to the coast, and go underwater. A blue cast bar will come up that says 'Breath', it's short for Breath of Life. All you have to do is stay there until the bar runs out, which will take about 3 minutes, then bring the item back to me, and I'll give you 500g.

When some random person asks me for gold I turn the question around and ask them for gold. They generally get so confused they just give up.

I just yell "ENTERTAIN ME YOU SWINE!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I have this macro "Why yes young one but first I require you to fulfill a quest of utmost importance. Far in the reaches of Dustwallow Marsh the dread lady Onyxia has made her lair. Slay her and bring her head to me. You will be rewarded generously."

I open trade and put all my gold in the window then go /afk without finishing the trade.

That is it for this week hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Look for next Reader Post topic during Ask Gauss so you can be apart of it. Enjoy your weekend.


  1. OMG those are awesome. It is actually pretty sad that we have to come up with all these ideas to deal with Beggars though

  2. OMG... breath of life... HAHAHAH

  3. Summon my friend...That's fantastic. Would that Alliance could send someone to Silvermoon.