Friday, January 28, 2011

Trash Can Be Fun

Friday is upon us so that means it is time for the Reader Post. This week I asked everyone to send in their stories dealing with Cataclysm trash. Trash has always been something that just has had to be there. That was until ToC and we all know how that worked out. So how about we just get to the Nation's Trash stories.

So my raid leader is always on us to run back if we die on trash. So while doing the second pack of the Magmaw trash you know the one that targets the person furthest away and charges them. Well I died and ran back without really thinking. I enter the instance and instantly was greeted with this Dragon thing charging right at me. So I guess running back when dying on trash isn't always the best choice...

The elevator is the most exciting part of the trash in BWD. I swear watching people try any way to not go down it in the normal way is so entertaining. I have seen people end up levitate into the lava, fail at heroic leaping down, rocket boot across the entire room only to die, and who can forget the random people that think "they can get there just in time". I swear Blizzard should put an elevator in every instance just for the hilarity factor them.

The trash after the second boss in Vortex Pinnacle I swear is cursed. Every time I go in that instance in a random and we get to those trash packs it is like the WoW gods start laughing at me. I have had a priest not know what MC was, a mage trying to sheep in the storm shield, a tank tanking the mobs in the shield, people unable to interrupt, and people not knowing what the concept LoS actually is. I swear this must be the anti wrath baby pulls, because everything you needed to not know how to do in Wrath has to happen in these pulls. Maybe it is just me though, but those trash pulls are always an adventure in PuGs

Atramedes trash has always been a ton of fun. The whole concept of killing then healing and sharing abilities is really the anti-AoE trash pull. Not to mention someone randomly dying is always amusing. This one time we had the same person die 3 times to that ability in one clear before he decided he was retired from the trash forever because it hated him. What he didn't know is that DPS decided to slow on the 3rd time just so he would die again.

Doing Omnitron's trash once I got aggro because the tank ended up getting hit that windblast thing that makes him lose control. The mob ran for me and went on to make me kiss the floor. So no big deal right? Well a druid was nice enough to Battle Rez me, but then he didn't tell me the red beam of doom appeared from where the rez went off. I died again. This time I decided to run back and guess what happened? Chain lightning to the face killing me instantly. No wonder I hate Omnitron with a passion.

That is it for this week. As always if you want to be a part of next week's Reader Post look for the topic during Ask Gauss and send in your submissions throughout the week. Enjoy your weekend.


  1. I have been a victim of the chain lightning thing...

  2. I have had those nights when no matter what you do you just end up dying.