Monday, January 3, 2011

Tol Barad Mess

So at first I talked about how something had to be done to change Tol Barad so that it wasn't going to be boycotted by the faction that was constantly attacking. This was because of the obstacle and difficulty of taking Tol Barad. Blizzard did make a change and not the change that I would have expected. For those who don't know you now get 1800 honor for winning while attacking Tol Barad and get 180 honor for defending. So at first you may have heard this and say yes it will motivate players to win while attacking therefore becoming more organized and force them to work as a team better. This in theory does make sense, but this is not the result and maybe not even the one I think Blizzard had in mind.

Win trading has become a common occurrence on all servers. It is openly talked about and organized every single battle. Mathematically I know this is the best course of action for both sides for honor, but honestly in this case I could really careless. Maybe I have a problem with this because I play a game called WARcraft not Diplomacycraft. I could careless if I will get less honor to me it isn't even about the honor points at all. I would partake in the battle because it was fun and enjoyed stopping the Alliance achieve their goals. This was one of the most fun PvP areas Blizzard had created and has been ruined because of the greed of the players involved and Blizzards lack of caring to find a real solution to the problem.

So to all the people participating in this crap enjoy your honor points you didn't earn and eventual gear you will get from it.


  1. I agree nothing pisses me off more than seeing people say "let them win, we get it next time"

  2. Fixes incomming tomorrow maybe they will make things right

  3. Its already fixed as of early today. Those who are attacking get 360 honor and defending is the same. As for now no one is win trading which is a good thing.