Thursday, January 27, 2011

Who Is The Most Influential?

So with yesterday's post I got to thinking. What exactly you ask? Well, who really is the most influential or most important lore character in the game at this moment. Now let's throw Deathwing out because really the expansion is about him yes and he is connected to everything which is going on, but he is not part of anything directly at the current time. So I started to think and logically I started with the leaders of either factions.

On the Alliance side Velen played a major part in Burning Crusade, but not so much now. Tyrande has yet to throw herself into the main story besides being the leader of the Night Elves. Malfurion is a major player in Hjyal and I sure we will be seeing a lot more of him coming with 4.1 and the Firelands. Varian was a major player in the events leading up to Cataclysm, but at the moment he is not at the forefront. Jaina is currently not a major player in current events, as I guess she is still recovering from Icecrown. The dwarves are looking to reestablish themselves and there really isn't one I could pick to be that one. Greymane and his worgen counter parts are still looking for their place in the world and really haven't established what that will be.

On the Horde side Garrosh is Garrosh he is there doing his temp warchief thing, but I don't think anyone could say that he is the guy. Bane is new and trying to find a place and his purpose and still really living in his father's shadow. Hammul, as Malfurion, is a major player in Hjyal, but until the Firelands we really don't know the part he will play. Sylvannas as always you never know what is truly going on. She is and I believe will continue to be one of the most intriguing characters, but is still not "the one". Vol'jin just got his islands back and is fighting with Garrosh other than that the trolls are quiet as always. The goblins are just the goblins and Gallywix is just another one of them. Lor'themar Theron I don't think 90% of the wow population even know he is the current leader of the Blood Elves.

So looking at the leaders you see really there isn't one person who could be "the one". Looking at the dragon Aspects I think it is in the same light as Deathwing they will be right there eventually but at the current moment it is not them. Boss wise yes we have Nefarian planing the world's demise in the name of his father, but really he is just that the last boss in Blackwing Descent. Al'Akir is in the same light and less so in my opinion. Cho'gall is different he is the main player of Deathwing plan at the moment and the cause of plenty of Azeroth's problems. If you asked this question at the end of Wrath I believe without a doubt Cho'gall would be the one, but now I think he has slipped from this point.

So who then? Well I think Deepholm holds the answer. Thrall. Thrall is the one that is controlling the Maelstorm stopping the world from imploding on itself. He is a major player within the Earthen Ring and I think the key point is what he stands for and is trying to do. Everything that Deathwing is Thrall is the opposite. They both can control the same things to an extent, but they do so in a different manner. Where as Deathwing is trying to destroy the world with all his power, Thrall seeks to save it. Therefore everything we are doing everywhere is to serve Thrall's vision of what we all are capable of. Horde or Alliance the world is trying to be saved, and we are helping him do it.


  1. When you say it that way. I'd tend to agree, but I would still say cho'gall is up there

  2. This is an interesting question! When you say Most Influential, I read that to mean "Who could convince all factions on both sides to do X."

    I don't think Thrall would be the first pick, as I doubt Varian would be willing to listen to him. Even Garrosh would resist Thrall's request, since I don't think he respects Thrall a great deal.

    I would have said Jaina prior to the Shattering, as it was clear her "decency first, Alliance loyalty second" mentality had impressed even some grim, suspicious Horde members. But now, I don't think Garrosh would trust her at all.

    It's really a matter of who would both Garrosh and Varian listen to, I guess. With perhaps Sylvanas as another factor.

    I think the only person would be Varok Saurfang, honestly. Garrosh grudgingly respects him as a warrior. Varian respects him as a warrior and a father. I think even Sylvanas would listen to one as experienced - and dangerous - as him. His former role uniting both factions at the opening of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj would certainly help.

  3. I thought Bob was the leader of the blood elves?!?!?!