Monday, January 10, 2011

A Friend Says Goodbye

I have been playing WoW since back in the original beta. So yes, I have been playing a long time. There are many others like me who have been playing this game for quite some time as well. Some of you may even remember when I started up a guild called "The Army of Gauss". I started this guild when I reached level 40 and got myself one of those cool kodo mounts. All this was back way before Three Score was even thought of, but lets get to that.

Three Score was the formation of 2 guilds "The Army of Gauss" and one called "Soviet Honda". There are still quite a few players still playing the game who were part of what is now refered to as AoG, but there for a long time was only one left from "Soviet Honda" that was until he approached me yesterday and told me that he had finally decided that it was the end of the line for him. He has been making many strides out in the real world and thought this was the best time to do so before he once again got heavily into the raiding scene. I wish him well, but I just wanted to relive some of the many memories throughout the years.

During my High Warlord run you were there playing endless WSG games. You were there to enjoy the dancing games when Boogaa won the games on his own, were part of the simple black dress games, and of the course the epicness that was the walking backwards game.

You were one of the original rogue crew that put up with the insanity I put you through in the supression room in BWL. You were also there for the rogue strike, something I will never forget.

You caught up to me in achievement points and forced me to spend 20k+ gold just to stay ahead of you. I guess the important point is you never caught up again.

You would do anything to help the guild including playing a toon, which was not your rogue. You always wanted to see the guild succeed, and that is something I always appreciated.

Lastly, I was there for the heartbreak that was when the other binding drop for your Thunderfury. I remember the silence that followed for a good 5 minutes when everyone realized what had just happened. You were there every night but that one and deserved a much better fate then that.

Those certainly aren't the only stories, but some that will always stick out in my mind. You will be missed Syphyn and by more than just me. Good luck in everything that you do. Don't be a stranger.


  1. GL Syphyn this game loses a truly great player

  2. Exceptional post, Gauss. It's tough when a person you've come to know as a friend moves on. May Syphyn look back with the same kind of fondness you do.


  3. Syphyn is a really nice guy and I wish him nothing but the best of everything in life.

    Thank you for buying all of my ore :)

    For fear of a certain cyber bully posting here, that should at least tell you who I am.

    Live life well.

  4. Don't be afraid to report the person bullying you