Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ask Gauss

Sunday is upon us and on Sunday's it is the weekly custom to answer the questions I have got throughout the week. No this is not an excuse to ignore everyone through the week and save answering my mail for one day. This although a great idea would just add to more mail about me not answering mail. So if some people are still unsure at how to send in their questions it is afterall pretty simple. Click the link on the top of the page or send an email to So with all of that out of the way time for this week's questions.

So will you be doing FTH again?

Of course, I will. This issue at the current moment is that the leader have as much health and if not more than a 25 man raid boss. This is not impossible to kill, but just means the groups themselves have to be composed of more higher end players. Also with the cities now being major hubs it means that there will also be much more defence, which involves much more planning. So this doesn't mean they won't be done it just means that I need to make sure I have a sound group in order for it to be completed. Basically I am giving the community a chance to gear up before I put them to the test. So keep waiting maybe 1-2 more weeks before we make Saturday and Sunday afternoons again full of fun.

What do you think of Blizzard's choice to increase the luck of the draw buff?

Well I am very conflicted actually. I understand that pugs have much less coordination then an organized group. This is obvious and having a buff to make up for this makes sense, but while increasing a buff can help you make up for lack of coordination it can also make you ignore tatics and make content too easy, which was obviously the case in Wrath. This could make people not "trained" well enough for raids and going into raids with gear where they should have learned to do this and that which they didn't because they were only able to complete the instance correctly because of a 15% buff. Maybe I am just looking on the bad side of things, but I just always cringe when buffs are increased when content wasn't able to be done at the previous buff level then instantly completed when it is increased.

Best raid death so far?

The Elevator...

So that is it for this week. As always your question can not be answered if you don't actually ask it. I know it is a hard concept. Next week's Reader Post is going to be about elevator deaths. Send them in, as always but Thursday night to have a chance to be a part of it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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