Friday, February 11, 2011

Damn That Elevator

Since the start of WoW there has been something which has never failed to make a players day go from bad to worse. That is, of course, the mighty elevator. So with that in mind for this week's Reader Post I asked you all to send in your stories of your elevator deaths you have had throughout the years. So let's have them shall we.

As you probably know when this game first came out the elevator in Undercity was bugged more than anything I could remember, but this one time is the one I will always remember. I arrived in Undercity and did the normally thing heading the the elevator. The door opened and I entered only to realize that some how the elevator platform wasn't there. I fell to my death and quite pissed off I rand back. I get back to my corpse rez at the bottom and then the elevator comes down and hits me and I die again. Yes I died from the force of the elevator hitting me.

We used to always have a kick out of new people coming to SSC. We would tell the new people when they got on the elevator and started moving to jump. Little did they know that the elevator moved faster than them falling and they would end up dying from fall damage.

For some reason my frame rate always dies when I step on the Elevator in Blackwing Descent. Also with being myself and being a good raider I am ready to get off that elevator asap. Problem seems to be I get anxious and get off it early a lot of the time. I would guess that over half my deaths in Blackwing Descent are due to the elevator.

The Scryer elevator used to have my number for a long time. It would always be leaving as I was running towards it and I would just miss it then of course fall to my death because I was mounted and ended up missing the overhang. I also never really learned and would be repeat this at least once a day until I got completely fed up with it and flew down each and every time.

That retarded elevator in SSC I swear to god is Blizzard's evil child. It moves at the speed of light after sitting and not moving for 5-10 seconds. It makes you want to puke. That isn't even the worst of it though. There were these warlocks in my guild who would always summon people on that elevator and they did this while it was moving. Therefore when you accepted the summon you would be falling to your death because that blasted thing would already be 10 light years away. So screw that elevator and the Blizzard employee that designed it.

That is it for this week. As always look for next week's topic during Ask Gauss to have your chance to be part of the fun next week. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. That last guy is going to shoot up a school some day if he already hasn't

  2. UC elavator killed me at least once a week back in the day. I would walk to close to the wall and get stuck on the edge while the ele kept moving, somtimes I could stay stuck, more often than not I would simply fall to my death. Same thing with the deathfall from TB. Hope to make the elevetor only to have it move like 2 seconds before you got there and go careening over the edge... that blows.

  3. Don't forget the lifts in Thunder Bluff and Thousand Needles! Lot of unnecessary deaths there. And the one at Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra. And now Orgrimmary has elevators too, sigh.

  4. When I play on my troll toon and ride a raptor I cannot for the life of me access the UC elevator. My toon is way too tall. I have to get off my ride and walk in.