Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Needing A Laugh

So today if you are like me you need a good laugh. So here are to small comics I figured you would enjoy.

First one is the classic Skill vs Gear debate. Over the years this has always been a hot topic where anyone and everyone seems to have an opinion on the situation. I think this comic by has finally put the debate to rest.

In this second comic it is much more thought provoking. Have you ever wondered how it is determined who is placed in your random heroic? Yes this must be a secret kept by GMs all over the WoW universe, but some how some way their methods have been leaked to us.

Hope you all enjoyed those. As I am sure you all have your own out there theories of how the invisible hand of Blizzard solves these problems which exist in Azeroth. So take this have a laugh and enjoy the crazy amounts of snow outside that have me stuck in the house and going some what mad, oh and Happy Groundhog Day


  1. LOL, thanks...I needed that!

  2. Haha that was a good one! So that simply imply that whatever skill you have beyond what class your character is, it can still be pawned with characters of superior gears!

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