Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You Fail At Summoning If...

Tuesday is upon us once again, and of course as all of you should know it is Fail Day. The day of the week where we assume we are better than everyone else and poke fun at everyone elses mishaps. So someone named Proxate gave me this idea a couple weeks ago and I finally put together a list to complete it. So as a tribute to my emo warlock brothers and sisters here it goes.

You Fail At Summoning If...
  • You move while being one of the people clicking on the portal
  • You accept a summon over a ledge or one that puts you in fire
  • You didn't know you could summon yourself
  • You get freaked when you see someone use the teleport trick
  • You weren't part of the glory days of summoning bosses in Orgrimmar
  • Your choice of locations for the summoning portal resemble the centre of a room
  • You don't think it is ironic being a warlock and begging for a summon
  • You ask for a summon while zoning in anywhere
  • You call for a soul well instead of a TV
  • You spam summon on the tank when he is trying to pull
  • You summon people standing right beside you because you find it amusing
  • You put the summoning portal on top of a feast or a mage table
  • You are asking for a summon when you are in a party of two
  • You are in combat the entire duration of the summon and therefore were unable to accept it

and finally

  • You click a mage portal thinking it is a summoning portal

And that would be it for this week. Thanks once again to Proxate for the topic. Enjoy making fun of those that fail more than you. Enjoy the reset and may your loot be with you.


  1. "you click a mage portal thinking it is a summoning portal"

    LOL I have seen so many people do this.

  2. I always found it funny to get a summon while standing next to the summoner. They were clueless and simply summoned everyone~