Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You Fail At Avoiding Avoidable Damage If...

Oh yet another Tuesday, which means yet another Fail Day. Oh how I missed you and all the fun you bring to me each and every week. Sometimes I wish there was two Tuesday's in a week then there would be two Fail Days, but then it probably just wouldn't be as special. This week for Fail Day I decided to go for something that all of us can related to. And, of course, by related to I mean we have screamed and yell at the person for doing so. So let's have a little fun with it.

You Fail At Avoiding Avoidable Damage If...
  • You think it is wise to attack a dragon from the front or at its tail
  • You are attracted to void zones therefore you must stand in them
  • You believe fire gives haste
  • You just got a new computer and you are in awe of that dragon breath to your face
  • You think a mob whirlwinding is trying to give you a high five
  • You think it is fun having your toon be shot up to the ceiling instead of moving out of an explosion
  • You get bored of looking at the same old toon therefore you embrace standing in things that modifies your toons colour
  • You have ADD and jump off elevators
  • You get scared during chain lightnings and in turn must stand beside someone to comfort you
  • Answering your whispers is more important than the boss fight
  • You believe interrupting is someone else's job
  • Your mouse uses recharable batteries
  • You think not tranq shoting is your way of making the tank work for his heals
  • You believe slimes are lonely and therefore never cease a chance to give them a much needed hug

and finally

  • Your computer is so bad that the time of day is greater than your frame rate

And there you have it this weeks dose of fail. Hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. May the patch bring you what you wanted and may your Free Loot Tuesday be one filled with joy and happiness.


  1. Slimes are lonely why do you think they are always chasing after people they want to be their friends

  2. hey now my mouse works fine...