Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You Fail At Not Being Hacked If...

Tuesday is upon us once again! I also have net today so I wont have to go through a mess of emails asking me if I died. People just love Fail Day that much I guess. So today's topic has been suggested by people for awhile now, but I never really thought it was worth doing. This was until Blizzard actually had that community spot about not getting hacked and I found it rather amusing. Yes, be mad at me for laughing at people for being stupid. So for all of you waiting for this particular Fail Day hope it was worth it.

You Fail At Not Being Hacked If...
  • Your password is the name on your account
  • You have ever asked the question "What is a keylogger?"
  • You believe anti virus programs are for noobs
  • You type in your account name and password into a link you received in an email you thought was from Blizzard
  • You told your password to someone over the phone with a foreign accent
  • Someone told you they were a GM and you believed them
  • You click on links in trade chat from toons with names that resemble "Awjpojfihqwcn"
  • You paid someone to power level your toon
  • You bought gold
  • You bought your account from someone in Nigeria
  • Someone named "Blizzardgm" sent you an in game mail telling you that you are going to be part of Cataclysm Beta and you believed them even if you are currently playing Cataclysm.
  • You don't recall the last time you changed your password
  • You log on WoW frequently from an Internet Cafe
  • You share your account information with multiple people some of which you just met yesterday

And finally

  • You were excited when you heard you were a "lucky player"

That is it for this week's edition of fail. To all those people thinking account security is a serious thing it is, but the easiest prevention is not being a moron. Enjoy your Free Loot Tuesday!


  1. I have been a lucky player so many times you tell me that I am not /sadface

  2. Sometimes I really wonder how stupid people can actually be

  3. "You believe you are a lucky player based on a whisper from someone whose English is worse than a 3 year-olds."

    A guy in my guild always tries to sell those people Viagra when they whisper him.