Thursday, February 10, 2011

Title Removal

So many of you may or may not have noticed that the requirements for the title "the Exalted" have been changed from 40 reputations at exalted to 50 reputations at exalted. To me this is a good change because with the amount of reputations put into the game now 40 reputations at exalted is an achievement but it is not the amazing achievement it once was when it first came out. I know when I got "The Exalted" it was during the Ulduar days and it really was rare to see. Since then there has been several reps added. Those being the following

1)Sunreavers/Silver Convenant
2)Ashen Verdict
4)Earthen Ring
7)Guardians of Hyjal
8)Hellscream's Reach/Baradin's Warden

I think I got them all, but I could have missed some. This achievement is supposed to be the Reputation achievement. Therefore you should never be able to skip an expansions worth of achievements to get it. This is why it had to switch to 50.

For this same reason this is why I agree with the removal of the title from people who did not have 50. It is because you do not meet the current requirements to actually be "the Exalted". Yes you may have got the achievement and find it unfair it was taken away from you, but you should be respectful of the title and what it actually means. The only titles which should never be removed are the ones that happen to be feats of strength. Why? Because they were for a specific time and place, which in all likelyhood cannot be done anymore.

This is different than my previous opinions about the new rated battleground titles because they are reusing title names and were too lazy to come up with new ones. I also know what you are thinking and yes Chef and Salty should be readjusted for Cataclysm also. Titles are something that need to be earned and not be trivialized because there is more ways to complete them making them worthless in their current application.


  1. Well I know it sucks for the people who earned and lost, but really if you only have 40 reps or 45 you would have just earned the title therefore you had these extra reps to make it a joke to actually get.

  2. This is really complete bullshit I earned the title fair and square and they just remove it. They should just think of a different name for the 50 reps. They shouldn't be able to take crap away form people. They going to randomly be taking gear away from people now?

  3. Oddly I just posted about this myself a short time ago. I can see why people are upset over it even if I agree with it. I actually like having something else to aim for now. It also brings some respect back to the title. If it was not raised then getting it would be super easy without even much effort.

  4. Sucks and is good at the same time. For those who already have it congrats that is quite an achievement

  5. It does suck and now I have to work on getting 5 more reps to hit 50, Gotta love time sinks.

  6. I hate farming reps so either way i really could care less :P, but I agree that the salty and the chef titles should be updated, because as of right now i have the Salty title and it's not really a difficult title to achieve now, I think they should come out with a new fishing contest for cataclysm, but make it its own separate achievement instead of grouping it up with the derby and the STV contest achievement that way Only up to 52 people throughout the entire year could have the Salty title.