Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Great Look and Theory About the Light

Something that anyone knows who reads this blog knows is I am not only interested in the Lore of this game, but also in the interpretation of it. So over at the Orcish Army Knife there was a post about "the Light". Now the Light is something that has always puzzled and fascinated me. This is probably also because how the Titan's and The Light are not really connect, but that is a topic for another day. The post goes on to talk about how the Light may in fact be an Element itself. This, of course, all stems from how some Draenei's look down upon their shaman for worshiping Elements instead of the Light.

The post goes on to explain how they are in fact very similar. It explains how a Shaman's relationship to the Elements and a Paladin/Priest relationship to the light are very similar to the core. More so the post explains that all worshipers of the light are not in fact "good" which I have argued for the longest of times. So I will say it again this is really a read for anyone who is interest in Lore or background theories of the Lore and you should really take the 5 or 10 minutes to read it.

You can view this post by clicking here.

To expand on this I have always had issues with the Naaru's relationship with the world. If the Naaru are true beings of the light then what are true beings of the shadow? Now the Shadow is something that I have always had trouble getting around. Some think the scourge is the shadow, and would mean the Lich King is the incarnation of the shadow. This to me makes no sense because if the Light can only exist with the Shadow then one cannot exist without the other. So what is my point? Well we know for a fact that the Light has existed much longer than the existence of the Lich King. So this begs the question, what is the Shadow?


  1. Thanks for the link, glad you enjoyed the topic! :D I think Shadow is also a neutral form of energy, and not inherently evil. I do believe that it and the Light are polar opposites though, just like Fire/Water.

    It really gets complex when you look at who uses Shadow though, as they tend to be rather evil people. Granted, even the purest Draenei priest can have a Shadow spec, so I don't think it's evil so much as just using Light in a different way...but it does raise interesting questions when you ponder why evil creatures like demons frequently use Shadow magics. Something to look into!