Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ask Gauss

Sunday is upon us once again, which means once again it is time for Ask Gauss. The post of the week where I go through all the questions from the week and pick a few to answer here. If you don't know how to ask your question it really is pretty simple. There is a link on the top right corner of the page that you can click on or if you have problems clicking on links you can just email your question to So without waiting any longer lets answer some questions.

So I am trying to think of a good pull macro for raids. I know you have had a bunch so any ideas on how to make a good one that isn't stupid?

Well it is true I have had a bunch of pull macros over the years. Some of which have never really made any sense to anyone besides the people I raid with. I can remember countless pug raids where people were clueless what the were actually supposed to do. That is the fun of it though. If you want to make your raids something that is fun and truly is the kind of raid that is made for your group of people those are the things people are going to remember. No one is going to care when you pull such and such a boss for the 100th time, but they still will chuckle or laugh or go on and on about a pull macro that is tailored to all of you. One thing I suggest is add lots of "<<, >>" around the targets name this tends to show that you actually mean it.

Problem that always happens during raids that you hate?

I have been asked this question many times, but never really had a straight answer to it. As most if not all of you know I am Canadian and because of this all keyboards here tend to have the option to activate the French settings. Till this previous week whenever this happened in WoW I would have to exit WoW in order to turn the function off to take effect in WoW. Yes this was very bothersome since the buttons that get assigned to the French letters are all the brackets, colons, dashes, slashes etc. I have these bound to important things like interrupts, trinkets, or potions. So when I normally find out that my French setting was turned on it was always too late to fix the damn thing.

That was until Wednesday when turning it off outside worked on the outside, but then I found out I could press a combination of buttons in game afterwards to turn the blasted thing off without logging in and out of game for it to take effect. This doesn't completely help if I don't notice it before I miss something, but it is better than logging in and out all the time.

Is it true you have a Heroic Leap Macro that you quote Buzz Lightyear?

Of course, when I use heroic leap I yell "TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!"

So that is it for this week hope you all got what you needed out of the post. Remember questions must be asked in order to be answered. Next week's Reader Post is going to have the topic of yelling macros that you have seen throughout your time playing this game. As always you have until Thursday night to get them in. Enjoy what is left of your weekend.

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