Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Faction Pride In Real Life

Now let me say first I don't say that I approve of vandalism, but this is pretty awesome to say the least. This construction project sign is on the campus of North Carolina State University in Raleigh or at least that is where I have been told it is located. Where though doesn't really make a difference it is the fact that it happened. I am not going to lie though there is times when I see "Alliance One" commercials on TV and I think about yelling at the screen "LOK'TAR OGAR, FOR THE HORDE!".

This brings me to the point I made a while back when I was talking about battlecrys. The faction pride of Horde characters has always seemed to be much more visible. Even when you watch videos of conventions and such there is always cheers when you hear the "For The Horde!" and, of course, the streaming of never ending boos when "For The Alliance!" comes out of anyone's mouth. We know there are countless Alliance players, but it is as if they are afriad to show their pride.

It comes down to what I have said before. The Horde has everything to be proud of. We came from nothing and have built ourselves up to something quite formidable. /Salute to my fellow Hordies and remember HELLSCREAM'S EYES ARE UPON YOU!


  1. That is the single greatest thing I have seen in months

  2. Simply amazing. That made my day :)