Friday, February 18, 2011

PvP Deaths

So it is Friday, which means it is time for the weeks Reader Post. This week the topic was pretty simple just send in the stories of some of your favourite PvP Deaths you have experienced. After reading all the ones sent in I came to the conclusion that people will really do anything to kill someone in PvP. So here are some of the submissions.

I take claim for the stupid stick for taking the bait. EoTS... fighting over at the Draenei Ruins... About to kill a Hunter who is backing up towards the ledge... well I follow him over and am falling right next to him.... All the while he spams /point /laugh... right before we hit the point where we fall off the screen I land one nice Crusader Strike and kill him... I return atleast 1 /point and /laugh emote before death.

Back in BC at Halaa... me and a mage were fighting a hunter and warrior at one of the flight spots.... The mage blinked and ran right off the cliff.... All 3 of us actually stopped to laugh and look over the cliff to see where he landed. Then I had to bubble and jump off said cliff due to incoming gankage... and the hunter followed me.

So I was doing some 1v1 Arena (Goldshire) and a Rogue challenges me. He was combat spec, mostly epic some blue, so I outgeared him by alot, so I thought to myself... I won't attack him. At all. ...and it worked! Hit shield block when he killing spreed and he bursted himself to death. Not even kidding. Won the duel without using any offensive abilities.

I was in Eye of the storm running to get the flag and every time the retarded ass shaman kept thunderfucking me off the edge. I kept getting frustrated and wanted to beat the bastards head over my knee repeatedly. Except the next time I had a plan I got a deathgrip off on the idiot after he knocking me off the edge and he fell to his death with me. Ya I died like 5 times to him, but the one time I got him made it all worth it.

That is it for this week as always look for next week's topic during Ask Gauss. Enjoy your weekend, but really there is only one way to end a post like this

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