Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ask Gauss

Sunday is upon us once again and besides being the end of the weekend you all know that today is time for Ask Gauss. For those of you who are new or still clueless about everything Ask Gauss is just like it sounds. People ask questions and I answer them, yes I know pretty simple isn't it. How do you ask the questions you might ask? Well there is a little link at the top right of the page or you can just send the emails to So now that I have got that out of the way shall we answer the questions?

How are you liking the 4.0.6 changes thus far?

Well I did Vortex Pinnacle yesterday, for my daily, and I was quite happy with the changes to the first encounter. Not that they made it impossible, but they added some much more complexity to it. Also the changes to wind graphics on the second boss were much welcomed. And finally the Skyfall stars during the Assad encounter seemed to make things much more difficult for the healer, which again is a good change. Now VP was one of the instances that some would say was buffed to bring in line with other heroics and I think they did a good job here in doing that.

On warrior changes Arms pvp has a lot less mobility, and I am sure many people are thrilled with the fact that arms no longer has 3 gap closing abilities. This has made closing the gap more difficult and is going to take some getting used to again. Fury PvE seems to be rearranged in the damage output. I am currently still running with the high hit build as I just feel there is a lot less RNG involved in it rather than the Crit/Mastery build. I am thinking when my gear improves a bit I may find a happy medium that will work better. Also with the recent raging blow nerf I am thinking the draws of the low hit built might come down, but we will see.

On other classes. Marksmen hunters seem to be putting out some crazy amounts of damage at a variety of gear levels. Maybe I am just jealous that warriors are so gear dependant. Ret Pallies can stop crying, but we all know they won't. Resto Shamans still seem to be lagging behind healing wise, while priest are still way far ahead. Mages? Well mages are still doing stupid damage for having absolutely no skill. So as always Blizzard will keep things this way.

So ya those are my thoughts on the patch so far.

What do you think of the drake models this expansion?

Honestly? I hate the way they look. They look too boxy and stylish. The Tol Barad drake isn't that horrible but it looks a lot like a Nether Drake. I think Proto Drakes look amazing compared to all other drakes in the game. The complaint was they were way too big and caused problems. I love the idea of an idle drake on the ground with it wings spread. They brought back the Nether drake style with the ICC drakes and they have stuck with it. I find it boring and not as epic looking. If you showed drakes to anyone who doesn't play WoW and asked them to choose the best looking they will pick a Proto Drake. I do hope they change the course they are going on with these drakes, because I have always thought a mount should be something epic that you strive to have because of its looks and its status. Now it just seems people are not riding drakes for the looks and just the status. Let us hope they fix this and fix it soon.

Have you seen anything new in the WoW community?

Weird that you would ask that. There is a great new site that I just learned about yesterday basically an amazing resource linking you to sites to get you any information you need regarding WoW.

That is it for this week. Hope those answers were sufficient enough for you. If you want an answer just make sure you ask a question. The Next Reader Post is going to be about your favourite PvP death. As always you have until next Thursday night to get them in. Enjoy what is left of your weekend.


  1. I agree bring back the Proto style!

  2. Thanks for the link to!

  3. Blizz is giving us Hunters some love finally! Also I have never found any of the drakes to be that wonderful to look at. Way too big and bulky looking.

  4. Yeah instead of drakes we should have more sparkly ponies x_x

  5. My favorite flying ride is my Argent Tournament hippogryph. I've never liked the drakes to ride because they are so big. The rare one that drops in EoE is the best looking, I think, but royal blue is my favorite color. I really don't like the blue dragonhawk I got for obtaining 100 mounts. It's huge.

    The problem I see is that there really aren't a lot of animals, real or mythological, that make for decent flying mounts. And what looks good on a gnome doesn't translate well to a tauren and vice versa.

    Maybe the next new mount should be a mosquito. It could have the capability that if you land on someone from the opposite faction, it would attack.