Friday, February 4, 2011

The Quest You Didn't Know

So Friday is here and it is still freezing outside and that makes me glad I am inside typing. At least my furnace works and can keep me warm. I guess mother nature has to remind us that it is indeed February. So what was I posting about? Oh ya it is Friday, which means it is the Reader Post. The topic for this week was pretty simple. I wanted you to tell me about a quest that you enjoyed that not many people know about. Even with telling you all this people seemed to think that no one knows about "I'm gonna punch that dragon in the face!" or the "Peacebloom vs Ghouls". They must live under a rock or something. So here are the quests or questlines that people may not know about.

Welcome to the Machine (and the three chains that follow) is my favourite. The three stereotypes parodied during the first quest are just brilliantly done, and the way those three characters are used in their subsequent follow-ups are amazilarious (that's amazing and hilarious).

The highly cinematic questline with Orkus. He dies in the process and gets a heros memorial. Overall probably one of the best and cinematic quests I have ever done. Shows a staggering amount of character development in relatively short amount of time. And as far as I am concerned it is as good as any quest in a single player RPG. So congrats to Blizzard on this and let's have more of this.

In my opinion "The Ballad of Maximillian" quest chain in Un'Goro was probably one of the funniest quest lines I've ever seen in WoW and that's through pre-bc and every expansion's experience. I love how they slip yet another reference to Blood Elf males looking like a "fair damsel". Then, of course, he strips naked while you're both on horseback and you chuck armor at a giant devilsaur.

The Stonetalon experience now as horde is nothing short of epic. The conclusion with Garrosh makes it in my opinion the greatest zone Blizzard has ever designed. It not only shows how people can get corrupted with power, but shows just how much good people are capable as well. It is my hope that Blizzard keeps designing zones like this it really makes the game a marvel.

I thought the whole Vanessa/Hope thing was pretty cool. When you had to go to the tower and that bad ass SI7 (or w/e the Rogue peeps are called) sniper took out the lvl 13 elites so you didn't get smashed by them on your way in/out of the tower. And she took them out with head shots to boot! It was awesome running away and looking behind my toon and seeing the splashes of blood from 'sploded Defias thug heads. I even tried to tell my wife about it even though she lost interest a split second before I started talking to her. Pretty cool quest chain even though i had it figured out ahead of time.

I got a good laugh out of "The Absent-Minded Prospector" in Darkshore.Our befuddled dwarf NPC has left his journal at a campsite and needs escorted to it. He leads you around a pit of ruins, exclaiming that they look just like the ruins he discovered recently... amazed that he keeps running into murlocs... and, finally, after going around the ruins in a circle, he comes back to the original camp and proclaims he has found his lost journal, thanking you for the escort. His companions in the camp are not impressed.

I know that it's all just a Rambo parody, but the quests with John J. Keeshan in Redridge Mountains really stick out in my mind. For once, working with NPCs that stay with you wasn't a pain in the ass - they were actually helpful - and the whole thing makes you feel like you're really part of a covert anti-orc operation. It turned a zone I avoided at all costs into one long adventure. And the ending... let's just say my shadow priest wore the items you get at the end for as long as possible.

That is it for this week. Hope you all now have quests to go check out when you are not bust doing much of anything or waiting for your queues to pop. Look for next week's topic during the Ask Gauss . Enjoy your weekend and keep warm.


  1. Ballad of Maximillian is amazing I never laughed so hard questing in my life

  2. The Absent-Minded Prospector was too cute.