Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You Fail At Posting On Fail Day If...

So yes I know today is Wednesday and not Tuesday, but I could never pass up Fail Day and apparently no one would let me do so either. So I came up with this great idea for this week's Fail Day Post. So here goes

You Fail At Posting On Fail Day If...
  • You get hundreds of emails if you forgot was Fail Day
  • Fans wonder if they should pronounce you dead
  • Haters laugh and think you ran out of topics
  • People complain you have ruined their day because you have not posted
  • You realize that begging in emails amuses you
  • You spend the day talking to random customer services representatives from Asia
  • It gets reiterated that there really is nothing good on TV
  • You unplug and replug everything in your modem at least 10 times because you have a hope t might work
  • You contemplate painting rooms to pass the time
  • You realize that it has been awhile since you updated your PVR and it has typed shows you have never heard of
  • You are now multilingual in the fact you can now say "hello", "Now", "Whats the problem?", "Are you stupid?" in a variety of languages
  • You contemplate shoveling a driveway that really doesn't need shoveling
  • You almost became one of those people who write their blog posts weeks in advance
  • You regret giving some guildies your cellphone number
and finally
  • Some idiot hits the transformer box which controls your DSL net and as a result you have no net for 2 days

That is it for this week even if it is a day late. Instead of wishing you good luck on Free Loot Tuesday I hope you had a good one, and let's just hope you have a successful Hump Day.


  1. LOL I always enjoy speaking to people I cant understand.

  2. So that was the noise I heard carried on the wind. It was the sound of Gauss screaming at his computer.