Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ask Gauss

Sunday is here once again, surprisingly at the same time it came last week. I know crazy isn't it? As with every Sunday some people go to church, some people clean, some people make it a point to do absolutely nothing, and I answer questions. Yes, for you new people or older ones that suffer from memory loss Sunday is Ask Gauss. The post of the week where I answer questions thrown at me during the week. Well not thrown at me, although that makes me wonder how one would throw a question? Anyways, getting back on topic yes I answer questions. Some might ask how do you ask a question, and without making them feel to stupid I would say there is a link on the top right of the page or you can send your questions directly to So with all of that rambling out of the way shall I just answer some?

What character in the game do you think needs some love?

Well this is actually a very interesting question. A few days ago Rades over at Orcish Army knife made a post detailing how specific classes have real role models and how the Priest class does not. Of course, I was quick to state that Rohan was probably one of the best priest role models in the game. This is true, but then Rades was quick to inform me that in game he really doesn't get as much love as someone of his stature should. I know his background, and I at times forget that others may not. There is also the fact I also do not play Alliance so his role is even less visible to myself. So my answer is the simple one. Time to get Rohan some love. Give him some time in the spotlight to show everyone playing in Azeroth that he has a role to play.

So 4.1 is coming soon is this a good thing?

I don't think 4.1 coming soon is necessarily a good thing. What I think is the good thing with 4.1 coming is that 4.2 won't be too far away. There are a lot of great new things coming with 4.1 and I am looking forward to their implementations, but the main thing that is needed now is new content so people don't get bored with the game and start wanting to do other things. Firelands is something that the WoW population has been looking forward to for a long time. The raid where we will go back and say high to our favourite Firelord. So the sooner 4.1 comes which will probably be by the end of the month or the first week of the next means we will probably see 4.2 by the end of May or the start of June. The sooner the better.

What is the weirdest thing you have seen or heard happen lately game wise?

I saw a Mage ask a Pally for a portal, and the Pally gave it to them...

That is it for this week. Hope you all enjoyed it and got some answers you may or may not have needed. Next week's Reader Post I want you to send in your weird occurrences that have happened lately. As always you have until Thursday night to get them into me. Enjoy what is left of your weekend


  1. Ya Rohan is just a basic quest giver in game as it is now

  2. Considering Rohan and Hamuul are both on the new Council of Tirisfal, it would make sense to get them both into the spotlight a bit more, maybe working together to try to get the factions to work together or something. Rohan is really cool, I hope they make use of him.