Thursday, April 21, 2011


So if you have not seen it yet Fandral Staghelm's Cat form has been revealed as it will look in patch 4.2.

All I can say is if my druid cat form looked like this it would make me want to actually play a druid. Well probably not, but it looks pretty awesome. What I would like to know is the story and lore behind how he of all people is going to be a boss in the Firelands raid. When you think about it h really doesn't fit at all the people you would think would be in the Firelands. You think of elemantals, maybe some demons, large constructs, but a Druid? In a land of fire and destruction of a land the anti druid, we will have one of the most recognizable druids in the game. Regardless of the fact that he went mad with the Nightmare and all that he is still a druid, so I would like to know the "why".

Seeing this Cat Form makes me really interested to see the Bear, Mookin, Flight, etc. Of course, his regular human form is probably going to be something to behold as well. So Fandral the druid always in Malfurion's shadow all these years seems he finally has something to be remembered for.


  1. Nice fire kitty power!

  2. I'm interested as well in knowing the Why of this. It's probably going to be tied with why the Twilight's Hammer was supposedly going for him and why we had to break him out of there.

    Although if you look at the Shaman manga, the big reveal at the end is that a shaman was possessed by one of Ragnaros' fire elementals and almost succeeded in destroying the Earthen Ring from the inside.

    So it might be something similar to that.