Thursday, April 14, 2011

Favourite Boss This Expansion

So I have been asked about my favourite boss in this Expansion and of course with this expansion just starting I can only answer that question being at this point in time. Compared to the first tier of Wrath this expansion has had mechanics from bosses which I dare to say have been enjoyable to challenging. Some of my favourites are Al'Akir, because I am just a fan of encounters where you need to be on the move and aware. It really shows of you as a player. Although, encounters such as these can be extremely frustrating to do, because not everyone shares my same view. I also enjoyed the Twilight Drakes because I think they really took the Felmyst encounter and improved it in a way to make it original and not overly punishing. Blizzard is great at doing this, taking an encounter mechanic that was good and making it better. Now the drakes aren't exactly like Felmyst I was mostly referring to the breath mechanic, but you get my point. I also got quite the laugh out the the Ascendant Council or otherwise known as Captain Planet. With all he encounters in this expansion so far though there is one that stands out as just much better than every other


The entire design of the encounter was done extremely well from the sound waves, to the breath, to the gongs, all of it was done perfectly in my opinion. You can't make mistakes here, and it requires very good execution in order to be successful.

So there it is my pick, thoughts?

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  1. I agree probably the best design of an encounter Blizzard has ever made.