Friday, April 22, 2011

So Yes That Happened

So it is Good Friday for all you religious people out there that this is part of your religion, and for all you other people it is a Good Friday because you get it off. So before I go on this rant and get more than my fair share of hate mail Friday means it is time for the Reader Post. The Post of the week where I leave it to all of you to contribute to the topic at hand. This week I had yo usend in stories or screens of some weird or strange things that have happened to you lately. So let's see what you all came across.

So I was heading to outland to farm some ores for a friend of mine when lo and behold the moment i step through a horde of BL demonds were headiing up the steps through the dark portal. Last I checked or when I was last actively in outland the forces of both Horde and Alliance was able to keep the legion troops in check easily. The only way there were any break through was if someone kited the pit lord to the top of the stairs and even then eventually the pitlord would be zerged and killed. So imagine my surprise when not only did they broke through the Alliance and Horde ranks but was appeared to be winning the stairs of destiny with any reinforcement they alliance call in getting cut down piecemeal by piecemeal.

Only weird thing I've seen that I can think of off the top of my head, was in Vanilla WoW, in Scholomance there was some weird like graphic error, where a doodad became so stretched that it went through most of the the worlds longest piece of taffy.....and for some reason you could walk on it...
On my realm at the org AH, there were around 5 container things with like pumps on them, and they would periodically make giant blue clouds of light on the ground around them that swirled around...  I didnt get a screeny because my comp fails and I was lagging from the lights, but they disappeared after 30 seconds or so. No, Im not high

It seems that with Cataclysm we got much more definition in the game in terms of shadows. I don't think that I remember seeing shadows as clearly in Wrath (though my memory is horrible, so who knows). A neat looking shadow of a dragon in Deepholm: Anyways, to get back to the point... the shadows are so vivid to the extent that I get freaked out when I'm herbing or mining. I see a shadow and freak out because I think its someone else trying to ninja my herb or node. My heart races a bit faster as I curse the damn ninja, and I swoop down even faster... only to realize it's just my own shadow. And the saddest part is that it is bound to happen again. /sigh

I kinda walked in on these people...

I found Bambi and her skunk and bunny buddy. Too bad I wasn't a hunter...

So that is it for this week. Thank you to everyone who made a submission. If you are interested in contributing to next week's post look for the on Sunday during Ask Gauss. Enjoy your weekend and your Easter if you are into that sort of thing.

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  1. On man that dwarf going for the young ones a level 19 pally!