Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It Has Been A Year

So for those that don't know it has been a year since the sparkle pony was released to the WoW community. I remember this a year ago all the talk that was going on that this event would bring about the destruction of WoW on so many levels. People were saying that by this time we would be able to buy tier sets for real money, Blizzard would have their own gold selling endeavours, could pay special fees to have your character start at specific levels, and so much more things that could be bought with real money.

So it has been a year, and guess what? None of this has happened. It was a mount that was sold for real money as a micro transaction, and that is still what it is. Blizzard is not going to be selling gear, points, gold, levels, or anything like that. They built this game to have ease of access to everyone. They want everyone to be comfortable playing this game, and I believe they have achieved that goal more than any other game that has been created. Yes, we do have this new mount that you can buy and again we will have all this "Death of WoW as we know it". The fact of the matter is simple Blizzard will continue to sell items that mean little to the game as a whole in the store. This includes, pets, mounts, and maybe even some collective RP gear eventually. So on this day one year later let us realize the company we are dealing with and the game they created.

On another note I have been told my screenshot up top is too old now, and I need a new one. I am taking suggestions for it, so just let me know.


  1. Well said Gauss. And I would suggest some where within in ToFW because that place is probably the best looking instance Blizzard has ever made.

  2. The Pile of Gold IMO

  3. I can't even believe that its been a year. I remember blogging about this topic on my old blog of Totem Tossing.... man time flies. As for your new pic, It should be in a place that has meaning, or just looks cool.... or both.