Monday, April 11, 2011

The Hunt

Monday is here once again, which means it is time for me to showcase another machinima. This week I decided to showcase one that never got finished and may never get finished. I remember when the first teaser came out, then the first trailer I was beyond impressed and was pumped for it to get finished. Sadly I don't think it ever wil,l but these two machinima still stand out as some of the best ever created. I know after showing you these you will probably be mad at me, because you will now want to see this movie in its entirety. So without making you wait to see these any long here is Fubarius'  "The Hunt"

So like I said I am sorry for showing you something that will probably never get finished, but this in itself is something epic in itself.


  1. Wow just wow those are simply EPIC

  2. Holy Crap those are amazing