Friday, April 8, 2011

Epic Stories Of Death

Friday is here once again, which means it is time for the weekly Reader Post. The post which is composed of your stories, just to show everyone out there who much really goes on. This week I asked you all to send in stories of some epic death moments. Now I got some retarded DKs saying they would have sent something in, but they have yet to die haha aren't you so funny. Let's get to the real stories that we actually care about.

My epic moment of death was when I was playing the goblin version of football at lvl 4 then watching Deathwing show up and set everything on fire, all the goblins went into "O meh godz itz a dragoon" mode...was pretty sweet. Although my attempts to hit him with the football were not effective.

By far the most epic moment of death in this game comes in Stonetalon Mountains. I have rolled alts just to see that cutscene again and agan. "Am I a murderer, Krom'gar?" is one of my favourite Garrosh quotes and then when he says "YOU ARE DISMISSED." and throws him off the cliff is just pure epicness.

So I was in this Sarth 10 3D group and it was taking forever for this raid leader to explain what the hell to do. Like really it is a 3D zerg what is there to really do? Anyways, while he was talking and talking I decided to play around in those Whirlwinds that shoot you back and in the air and everything. You know to occupy myself. When the most fluke thing happened One whirlwind shot me into another then into another then into Sarth took the group completely off guard and I died along with the entire group. It was pretty epic and well worth the cost of repairs.

How about Sylvannas getting shot in the back of the head out of no where. Let me tell you that was the last thing I expected to happen. I was like "HOLY CRAP SYLVANNAS JUST GOT OWNED". I always wondered though when a Alliance character goes and does Shadowfang Keep Godfrey is just there, aren't they like wtf?

We were doing Illidan when it was current content and if you remember there are those shadowfiend type things that spawn off of people. Well let's just say some how some way we had like 50 of those things running around when it was just me and the tank left when he died, but these fiends because there was so many were lagging everyone. I don't even remember if I died just before or just after he died, but I have never in my life seen that many spawn it was pretty hilarious.

There you have it. That is it for this week. As always you cannot be a part of the post if you don't send anything in. So make sure you look for next week's topic during Ask Gauss post on Sunday. Enjoy your weekend! It is supposed to be nice weather here so I will hope for the same for all of you.


  1. I agree Stonetalon is pure gold. The best questing zone and ending Blizzard has ever created.

  2. I have been a victim of the Whirlwind thing...