Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You Fail At Bastion Of Twilight

Happy Fail Day everyone! So to go on with my Cataclysm raid failures I will be moving on to the Bastion of Twilight. So remember when reading this that when you do these things it really does sound as stupid as you think it does. It just shows you how much anyone person can fail at some things, which are pretty damn simple. So here goes

You Fail At Bastion Of Twilight If...
  • You choose to not release any of the drakes
  • You have issues avoiding giant fireballs falling down from the sky
  • The concept of "you must interrupt that" is a difficult one
  • You have problems understanding what standing parallel to the incoming fire elemental means
  • You consistently add to your totals of "dying in fire and lava"
  • Stacking up like a deck of cards is difficult for you
  • Not standing in pink swirlies is hard
  • The words breathing coming to left/middle/right is foreign to you
  • Having your name screamed on vent to get the hell out of the group some how doesn't trigger a reaction
  • Stop dps till the other boss catches up is just something you won't do
  • You run around hugging everyone if you are the target for lightning rod
  • You confuse "get grounded" with something your parents were yelling at you
  • You enjoy standing in pretty black pools because they make you feel special
  • You prefer to have 100% corruption all the time and do everything you can do to ensure this happens as quickly as possible.
and finally
  • You had no idea that there are portals which will port you up to further points in the instance.
That is it for this week. Hopefully this not only helps you explain to others how dumb some of the things they are doing, but also may even help yourself in your own raiding. Good luck on this Free Loot Tuesday, may your drops be plenty.


  1. I cant tell you how many times I have seen people get tossed into the lava by the fire eles

  2. some people like hugs...