Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You Fail At Arena If...

Fail Day! Oh how excited I get on Tuesday knowing I can preach the ways of failure to the masses. I still find it quite amusing it is the most popular day of mine, but hey people enjoy seeing others fail miserably. This week I decided to go head strong into the ways of failing at arena. I know how PvPers get so I have a feeling this will be a rather fun topic.

You Fail At Arena If...
  • You feel frost mages are underpowered and need a buff
  • You are a pally who gets Crowd Controlled
  • You choose to use Hand of Freedom on yourself and not your teammates, instead of dispelling yourself.
  • You play without projected textures
  • You are a Boomkin
  • You are a warrior who fails at changing stances
  • You stand there and complain a pally has bubbled instead of breaking it.
  • You send your pet in and get it killed while you do nothing
  • You have no Trinket
  • The concept of LoS evades you
  • You are a shaman who thinks purge is a waste of time
  • You believe disarm is for scrubs
  • You are a warlock who trys to fear spam a warrior
  • Your resilience is lower than your age
and finally
  • You think because you Arena you are the greatest gift to anyone and everyone
And there we have it, this week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it, and makes you feel that much better about yourself and feel that much sorry for OMGIPWNYOUNOOB.


  1. But wait aren't arena players the most skilled and best players in the world....LOL

  2. I saw a dontain video with him yelling at his ret pally partner for putting freedom on himself instead of dispelling and giving him freedom was pretty funny.